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As therapists, bodyworkers, and teachers working under the umbrella of Enchanted Forest, we are offering our clients not only healing from the past but also integration and support throughout the process, which can be a very painful and difficult time for many. Our therapists work on a body, mind, and soul level, helping you to break through physical, mental, and spiritual blockages, guiding you to move away from unhealthy belief systems, towards the bright future that you truly deserve. 

All our therapists, teachers, and bodyworkers have insurance, and each of them holds relevant education and training certificates in their respective disciplines (like yoga, tantra, kundalini yoga, family constellations, Tension & Trauma releasing exercises (TRE®), sound healing, mindfulness, and meditation )  



Yoga practitioners hold the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, so they should be nurtured equally. Enchanted Forest offers classes for participants to explore breathing exercises and movement, which will lead to an improvement in concentration, and ability to develop control over your body and mind.

Mindfulness and meditation

Focus on the present moment. Calm your mind. Witness yourself. Mindfulness and meditation practice can positively affect many aspects of your life, including reaction time and short-term memory. Those who have already participated in these classes say that they experienced deep relaxation, mental clarity and greater self-awareness.

Body realise, energy work and breathing exercises

Energy work stems from the belief that the mind and body are interrelated, and therefore deserve equal care to restore the balance and flow. Enchanted Forest offers classes that are a combination of breathing exercises and movement, to give participants the tools to develop greater control of their body and mind.


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Healing of Ancestral Wounds -  Family Constellation (Bert Hellinger) Therapist Beata Kisińska
Enchanted Forest

Healing of Ancestral Wounds - Family Constellation (Bert Hellinger) Therapist Beata Kisińska

Enchanted Forest invite to the corporation Family Constellation Therapist Beata Kisinska - Ptaszek. Beata has over 10 years of experience in practicing this method. Benefits of Family constellations - resolving the family issues, healing relationships with the family members - Improving your relationships and love life - Healing financial situation. - Help with Depression and anxiety issues - Trauma healing, releasing - Family trauma, past trauma therapy Information about workshops with Beata, One to one sessions online, and an in-person link below : https://www.enchantedforest.ie/online-classes #familyconestellations #enchantedforest #ancestery #orderoflove #familyconstellationsireland About Bert Hellinger Family constellation: "Everyone who belongs to our family has an equal right to belong. As soon as a member of the family is denied or denied this membership, a disorder arises with far-reaching consequences. Examples: The most obvious example is when a member of the family is killed. The most common way of doing this is through abortion. Whatever the justifications are given for it, in the soul of the perpetrator, here especially in the soul of the mother, it has far-reaching consequences. It also has far-reaching consequences on the souls of other family members. Another form of exclusion is when a child is given away and put up for adoption. Or when a child is hidden from another relationship and thus excluded. This also applies to concealed aborted children. When a family member is excluded because one is ashamed of them. For example, a severely disabled child, or a member who takes on a different faith or is guilty of something wrong. The Original Hellinger ® family constellations show that forgotten children who are not mentioned also belong to it. For example a stillborn child. But also a child who died prematurely, i.e. a miscarriage and a child who died in the womb." https://www.hellinger.com/familienstellen/