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Come & join us for our Women's Retreat!

Embrace your Inner Goddess and meet your Sexual Self 

6pm Sat,15th - 5pm Fri,21st April 2023

Give yourself a week full of relaxation, conscious breathing, energy and voice work, massage & the amazing community of women around you!


The Story of Tantra 

Since the beginning of time, groups of women have gathered together in circles.

They have been becoming closer to one another in order to encourage, comfort, and support one another.

Allow yourself to have that experience as well!

Let's get together in a place that is secure and encouraging so that we can talk, heal, and get in touch with the profound inner joy, peace, and wisdom that we all have within us.


We invite you on a journey into your femininity that is deep, intriguing, and fascinating.

The woman's circle can assist you in discovering your own healthy and mature femininity.

Tantra is nothing more than relaxing in love in the present moment; In a Tantric Woman Circle, you can open and receive the love that your heart longs for.

The parents we grow up with serve as our first examples of the feminine and the masculine. Eventually, indoctrination and life circumstances will disrupt that initial, natural connection. The healing of that rift can make all the difference in the world, making us feel whole and making overcoming obstacles far less difficult.

Tantra, which originates in India, is the most all-encompassing philosophy of living. Insight into and acceptance of one's true nature is a profoundly beautiful and profoundly transformative path. It equips you with the means through which you might broaden your awareness by interacting with various energies within yourself. Male and feminine energies dance within you, and you can feel it. According to Tantra, tapping into your sexual energy—the most potent, creative life force in your body—can help you become a more loving, sensual, lively, calm, and spiritual person. Tantra can help you develop into a more whole and loving person.

The first two days of this retreat will be dedicated to exploring the bond you share with your mother. We will then spend the next three days conducting female Tantric courses in order to amplify this force.


- Tantric rituals and meditations

- active Osho meditations

- sharing in the circle

- dancing

- massages

- Energy, breath and voice work


You will spend the entire week immersed in:

- meditations on the breath to unwind

- Tantric ceremonies and meditations

- circle sharing

- dancing

- active Osho meditations

- energy, breath, and voice exercises

- massages

the chance to discuss and connect with other women who share similar beliefs and feelings!

Everything will be a suggestion; you won't have to or be asked to do anything except BE.



- You will develop a more sensuous and feminine character at your core.

- You will discover your sense of power and expand your potential.

- You will have a better relationship with yourself, and that will open the door to much more healthy relationships with the others.

- You will learn how to balance masculine and feminine energy more effectively in your day-to-day life.

- You will have a stronger connection with your physical self.

- Begin the process of healing your feminine wounds.

The facilitator 

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Anna Sokołek: Tantra trainer, healer, and tantra massage therapist. She is a teacher at the International Tantra Woman Community by Santoshi, and she runs tantra courses for women.

She is also a certified tantra masseuse and sexual healer at John Hawken's school. Anna runs women's tantra circles, tantra workshops, and individual sessions.

Anna runs tantra classes for women, as well as mixed groups, and offers sexual healing sessions for women and individual tantra classes. She always creates a safe space for people who want to discover themselves.

She is a professional singer and a vocal coach. She loves to create a safe space where people can experience their own truth.


A deposit of €150 is required to secure your place. The balance of €550 is due on March 25th.

Book your place in the circle!


The meeting point is the Tenerife ferry port on April 15th at 9 a.m. Accommodation on Tenerife is possible if it is needed. Ask the organizer.

Arrival: Flight to Tenerife South, from there, take the ferry to La Gomera. Together with your booking confirmation, we send the actual arrival plan with the schedule of the different ferries and more information.

Contact information:

Sylwia Bartosz / 087 653 2193

Kasia Forest / 0877 489 517

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