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The Academy 

Here are just some of the benefits of joining the Enchanted Forest community!


  • Teamwork - At Enchanted Forest, we each do our bit to support each other in marketing, and send recommendations to potential clients on each others’ behalf.

  • Non-Competitive - To rule out any competition, each therapist will have their own niche in our community, we will help you to find the role that will be unique to you..

  • Promotion - You will have your own space on our website, and your services, workshops etc. will be featured in our newsletter. Any events that you run will be co-hosted by the Enchanted Forest Facebook page, to help you reach a wider audience.


Our criteria is that you will provide your own marketing materials and that you will be responsible for your own distribution and sharing via social media. It is not compulsory but good practice to support each other in marketing - if you share your fellow therapist's event, he or she might do the same for you. 

IMPORTANT: We follow a full transparency policy; you need to provide a certificate in the discipline you represent, and you must have your own liability insurance. If you don’t have insurance, please email us and we can advise you on that. 


Would you like to deliver online courses on Enchanted Forest Academy?

Join our wonderful team 

We offer you a place on our Academy platform and becoming a part of the team of Enchanted Forest for a fee of 50 euro and 20 % of income from every sale, 

Video options as additions to your online course are optional, but be aware video increases the market value of your course around 200%!

You can record your video yourself but it needs to be professionally edited.

Introduction to self filming + First editing -170euro Every next editing - 40euro

Beware we do not accept any not professional videos with low quality! 

To apply you just pay your 50 euro fee and fill the short form below, in the description just a short description of what is a course about. We will shortly contact you, and talk to you directly, in case if your application will be not accepted you will receive full refund.

Thank you for your application 

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