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The Importance of Mental Health and Stress Management During the Pandemic

Mental Health has seen a significant decline in the past year in light of the Pandemic. The mandatory lockdowns restrict people's access to the outside world. In addition to this, the protocols that were set in motion to prevent the spread of the virus greatly impacted normal social interaction, which prevented the physical opening of offices. 


According to a recent survey, around 41.1% of the US Adult population state that they have experienced a depressive episode during the past year. The numbers are similar for most of Europe as well. This calls for better stress management and mental health in individuals.


6 ways to manage stress and mental health


When facing difficulties in handling stress, it is always recommended to seek professional help. However, there are certain ways individuals can take charge of their mental health. They are as follows: 


  • Creating a Schedule 


Humans can only be functional during particular hours in the day. These "hours of working" can differ depending on the preference of an individual. Therefore, creating a schedule before work or class and after can also contribute to better mental health. The creation of a schedule will also contribute to stress management. 


  • Keeping in "contact" 


Many people, especially the younger generation, live alone. Therefore, video calling or messaging loved ones and friends is a crucial aspect of beating those feelings of loneliness. 


  • Personal Hygiene 


Exercise, Cleanliness, and Healthy Eating are core requirements for keeping one's mentally healthy. It is important to note that cleanliness is applicable to one's surroundings as well. 


  • Limiting Screen Time 


Exposure to screens can not only affect one's sleep cycle but also potentially add to the stress. Experts claim that constantly scrolling through social media platforms that perpetuate certain ideals or through negative news can impact one's health negatively. 


  • Designation of Workspace 


It is crucial to program one's mind to be productive through external stimulus as well. One effective method to do so is by designating one part of the house exclusively as an "office space". 


  • Relaxing Weekends 


The primary goal of reducing one's stress is to take time off to cool down. The weekend is the perfect time to do so by indulging in hobbies or setting up family zoom calls. 


Feeling stressed in a work from home situation is common. However, some lifestyle changes can help improve one's mental health and stress management capabilities. It is important to note here that self-help remedies should never be a replacement for professional help.