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Professional singer and vocal coach.

Tantra teacher in international "Tantra Woman School" lead by Santoshi, where she runs trainigs for woman. Certificated tantra body worker from John Hawken's School. Anna offers tantra trainings for woman and mixed groups and individual sessions for woman and couples. She is offering sexual healing sessions as well. She loves to hold  safe space for people who wants to discover themselves. 


International cabaret star with her own genre of erotic dance storytelling – famous for high taste and intellectual approach to eroticism. Being intelligent and charismatic this woman makes both men and women hot under the collar while performing on stage.

Agneta is leader and creator of “aristocratic eroticism” movement helping women on their way to accepting themselves, finding confidence, learning how to live in harmony with their bodies and emotions and finally letting them manifest natural eroticism and become amazing creatures full of life and attraction.


Family Constellation method facilitator with ten years of experience of doing this kind of
work. She is constantly studying and updating her skills. (she train with Bert Hellinger himself) Recently she
starts to accommodating into her practice Jirina Prekop “Holding Therapy” Also Diploma in Psychology.


There was a time in my life 15 years ago when I felt completely lost and confused as
to what I should be doing. I was feeling deep resentment and was suffering chronic
pain in my back and I didn’t know where to turn to get some help with this. I so
desperately wanted harmony and balance and this has led me to my own healing
journey. It has helped me to cope with life struggles
Thankfully, I have been working in methods to help with this for years. Through,
healing supports like Reiki energy, Metratonic healing, Brandon Bays the journey,
ancestral healing and Moojis pointings. I have created peace and harmony in my life
and given myself back a sense of self-worth.


My name is Carla McLean and I am the proud owner of Soul to Sole Wellbeing. I understand what it is like to feel stressed in all areas of your life and how it can affect your mind, body and spirit. I have seen and experienced first-hand the power of holistic therapies and life coaching. My background was in a corporate environment and I lived a high pressured life. I left in 2010 and I discovered my joy of holistic therapies which has taken me on an enchanting journey of self -love and growth and led me to open Soul to Sole Wellbeing in 2014 – My ever growing practise of Holistic therapies, Life Coaching and Training. 


What makes my heart sing - Clients that I see for holistic treatments including Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy - Healing with Angels), Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage and more. Invariably leave with less pain or discomfort, feeling more balanced, relaxed, and positive with an inner sense of wellbeing. After a coaching session to see clients leave with more understanding and self-belief in themselves. Armed with a self-empowering plan of action for their needs and circumstances is amazing.  One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a life coach, holistic therapist and teacher  is to witness how even one treatment or coaching session can encourage clients to have more self-compassion for themselves. This can range from drinking extra water. Finding the time to have a relaxing bath, a walk on the beach, speaking more gently and being kinder to themselves, or just buying a bunch of flowers. Being able to facilitate clients’ good health and growth in mind, body and spirit is a privilege and I am grateful and honoured to play a part in their journey.


I am a laughter yoga leader and group facilitator, holistic therapy practitioner and Artist based in Dublin.
I discovered laughter yoga around 10 years ago and find it to be a wonderfully healing and enjoyable practice, one which helps people to connect together and feel great.
It is a practice using our breath with gentle stretching and laughter sounds to soon turn to real deep belly laughter!

There are so many health benefits from laughing.
A laughter yoga session is usually from 30 minutes to one hour. It is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.
Even a few minutes of laughter can boost our health & mood :)

I have over 6 years experience leading laughter yoga sessions/ workshops in a variety of settings both private and public to people of all ages and ranges of abilities.
I feel passionate about health, holistic wellbeing and inspiring creativity & healing through fun, Joy and playfulness.

I look forward to sharing laughter with you soon!

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