Meet The Team


Marta L-Toropow

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Hello and welcome
My name is Marta L-Toropow and I have been working as a healer and holistic teacher for the past number of years. My focus on Sound Therapy in the form of Tibetan bowls Gongs and Voice Therapy lead me to achieve Optimum Health and Well Being. In my work my intention is to bring balance to everyone’s body and mind, opening the quietness and stillness of the mind that is always present but clouded by ours distracting thoughts.

By using therapeutic sounds I create this mindfulness meditation for myself and others.


Ann-Marie Breen 

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There was a time in my life 15 years ago when I felt completely lost and confused asto what I should be doing. I was feeling deep resentment and was suffering chronicpain in my back and I didn’t know where to turn to get some help with this. I sodesperately wanted harmony and balance and this has led me to my own healingjourney. It has helped me to cope with life strugglesThankfully, I have been working in methods to help with this for years. Through,healing supports like Reiki energy, Metratonic healing, Brandon Bays the journey,ancestral healing and Moojis pointings. I have created peace and harmony in my lifeand given myself back a sense of self-worth.



Monika Kwik

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Monika Kwik ( Chinmay ) in 2009 completed the teacher training for kundalini yoga in "SKY" a school of Yogi Bhajan tradition, afterwards I decided to travel to India to search for a teacher (Guru) of an old tradition of kundalini yoga.


Pandit Shri Arun Kumar Sharma (, initiated Monika into the tradition of Shaktism. Guiding her through the stages of traditional yoga & tantra sadhana, unfolding the secrets of the old spiritual discipline. Monika is involved in scientific research on different states of consciousness, on the path of sadhana as a tool for transformation towards human



Beata Kisińska

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Family Constellation method facilitator with ten years of experience of doing this kind ofwork. She is constantly studying and updating her skills. (she train with Bert Hellinger himself) Recently shestarts to accommodating into her practice Jirina Prekop “Holding Therapy” Also Beata have a diploma in Diploma in Psychology.

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Lady Jerez

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Lady's yoga journey began in 2009 in Venezuela when a friend invited her to join a yoga class in the
park after her day job as a digital media coordinator. She felt deeply connected to mother earth
during her first practice. Little did she know then that she would become a yoga instructor about 10
years later in Dublin, Ireland where she would complete her 250 hrs training in Samadhi Yoga
Studios. She also trained to teach yoga for children at Kidding Around Yoga, and has a diploma in
holistic massage.
Lady has been living in Ireland since 2013, she's a mother of a 3-year-old little girl and her yoga
practice is one of the main things that ground her and makes her feel at home. Her practice also
helps her to deal with the challenges of motherhood and to cope with anxiety and depression as
well. This is why she feels so motivated to share the benefits of yoga with her students. She also
works for an international women’s rights charity, leading their digital fundraising campaigns.
Lady thinks each yoga class is like a story tale written by the soul of a yoga instructor and deeply felt
by the body and soul of a yoga student looking for inner peace and connection with their true
nature. She believes yoga is not only about stretching your back and legs, it’s also about observing
how you really feel, connecting with the breath and gently letting go of the fluctuations of the mind,
finding a sense of divine presence from the sacred space of the heart.


Anna Sokolek

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Anna Sokołek is a tantra teacher and bodyworker, as well as a professional singer and vocal coach. She holds tantra workshops for both women and mixed groups, and also offers individual sessions for women and couples. 


Anna’s self-development journey began with her voice. Since childhood, she had a strong knowing that she wanted to be a singer; it was such an intense feeling that it was impossible to ignore. She was gifted with a natural talent, but her emotional struggles made it difficult for her to free her voice and let her gifts flourish. As a child she felt misunderstood, and this manifested into her voice being shut down on some level. It took a long time, but when she realized that the voice is connected with the body, emotions and soul, she was finally able to find her voice and set it free. When tantra came into her life, it was like a blessing. Tantra catapulted her onto a path where she learned to experience herself profoundly on each level of existence, from body to spirit.


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Sandro Capelli

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Sport, nutrition and general wellbeing always been my passions. I'm originally from a small ski resort in northern Italy (snowboarder since a long time) and yoga has been my companion since I moved to Dublin in 2012. I completed the 200 hours yoga teacher training in the summer 2019 here in Dublin. I see a yoga flow like a musical composition, the synchonisation of breath and movement are for me the core of a yoga practice. Yoga in the park, running and play with the handstand are my favourite activities. I also believe that the practice of mindfullness and insight meditation are keys to gain a better quality of life.


Hanah Dabrowsky

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Hannah is Dublin based yoga teacher. Her journey with yoga has started 12 years ago. At that time Hannah started to discover benefits of yoga and she wanted to reach more balanced, fulfilling and happy life.

For a number of years she was one of the main teachers of outdoor yoga in Bushy Park Terenure, Dublin 6.

She cohosted international retreats in India and Spain.

Since last couple of years she has exploring dynamic method of  ashtanga yoga.

Hannah’s teachings are including traditional hatha yoga/ slow and meditative/, yin yoga / passive involving non muscular engagement/  vinyasa / movement with conscious breathing/ and ashtanga / strong and dynamic/.  She believes yoga is for everyone, because yoga is about relation which we have with ourselves. She emphasize on breath as a tool to navigate body and mind to be here and now.

Hannah also holds BA in Sociology and is complementary medicine therapist. She hold diplomas in reflexology, Tui Na and holistic massage therapy. In her practice she uses fusion of methods supporting people with stress related issues.


Aofie Nelson

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I am a laughter yoga leader and group facilitator, holistic therapy practitioner and Artist based in Dublin.I discovered laughter yoga around 10 years ago and find it to be a wonderfully healing and enjoyable practice, one which helps people to connect together and feel great.It is a practice using our breath with gentle stretching and laughter sounds to soon turn to real deep belly laughter!There are so many health benefits from laughing.A laughter yoga session is usually from 30 minutes to one hour. It is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.Even a few minutes of laughter can boost our health & mood :)I have over 6 years experience leading laughter yoga sessions/ workshops in a variety of settings both private and public to people of all ages and ranges of abilities.I feel passionate about health, holistic wellbeing and inspiring creativity & healing through fun, Joy and playfulness.I look forward to sharing laughter with you soon!