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Embrace the Inner Goddess within 

Embrace Your Feminine Archetypes & Elemental Energies Retreat

Seven days on the magical island of La Gomera

  • Calling all women who are ready to embark on a soul-nurturing journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

  • Are you seeking to connect with your inner feminine voice and embrace the transformative power of feminine archetypes?

  • Do you long to heal and release emotional wounds, paving the way for a life of authenticity and empowerment?

  • Join us on the enchanting island of La Gomera for a transformative retreat, where the powerful practices of Family Constellations and TRE® await you.

  • Delve deep into the sacred archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, and Wise Woman, understanding how they influence your life's journey.

  • Experience the profound healing and restoration of your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Connect with the elemental energies of fire, water, air, and earth, discovering their profound impact on your inner harmony and connection to the natural world.

  • Immerse yourself in the magical energies of La Gomera, a sacred space for healing and growth.

  • Engage in sound healing and voice work, finding your inner harmony and embracing your authentic self.

  • Embrace the transformative power of body movement medicine, balancing and aligning with the elemental energies.

  • Create lifelong connections with a sisterhood of supportive and growth-oriented women.

  • Leave the retreat feeling empowered, self-aware, and ready to navigate life with grace and fierce femininity.





Join us on the enchanting island of La Gomera for a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, as we dive into the depths of feminine archetypes and embrace the transformative power of elemental energies.

🌊 Experience the Power of Sound Healing & Voice Therapy 🌊 Led by Marta Lyszkiewicz-Toropow, immerse yourself in the harmonious frequencies of Tibetan bowls, Gongs, and Voice Therapy. Allow the therapeutic sounds to raise your vibration and create mindfulness, opening pathways to deep relaxation. Through sound, you'll embrace the quietness and stillness of your mind, releasing distractions and connecting with your authentic self. Discover the healing potential of your own voice as you explore the depths of emotions and healing.

🔥 Embody the Elements with Body Movement Medicine 🔥 Through the guidance of Marta, we'll work with the powerful energies of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Experience transformative body movement practices that align with the elements, allowing you to tap into their unique energies. Through embodied movement, you'll explore the essence of each element and its resonance within your being, fostering a profound connection with the natural world around you.

🌺 Explore Feminine Archetypes through TRE® & Family Constellations 🌺 Sylwia Bartosz, an experienced facilitator in Family Constellations and TRE®, will guide you through deep shadow work and the exploration of ancestral patterns. Gentle trauma release through TRE® will create a safe and supportive space for healing and restoration. Unveil the wisdom of the Maiden, the nurturing essence of the Mother, the transformation of the Wild Woman, and the wisdom of the Wise Woman within you. Through Family Constellations, you'll recognize and release emotional challenges, restoring harmony and balance to your inner world.

🍃 Embrace the Magic of La Gomera's Elemental Energies 🍃 Nestled in the breathtaking beauty of La Gomera, we'll immerse ourselves in the raw power of the four elements present in this pristine island. Allow the winds to carry your intentions, dance with the waves of the ocean, connect with the grounding earth beneath your feet, and ignite your passion with the fiery sunsets. The natural surroundings will amplify our inner exploration, guiding us on a profound healing journey that aligns with the energies of the elements.



  • Women who seek a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  • Those who are eager to connect with their inner feminine voice and embrace the transformative power of feminine archetypes.

  • Women longing to heal and release emotional wounds, fostering a life of authenticity and empowerment.

  • Individuals interested in the powerful practices of Family Constellations and TRE® to facilitate healing and growth.

  • Women who wish to understand and embody the sacred archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, and Wise Woman.

  • Those seeking profound healing and restoration on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

  • Women curious to explore the elemental energies of fire, water, air, and earth, and their impact on inner harmony and connection to nature.

  • Individuals drawn to the magical energies of La Gomera, seeking a sacred space for healing and transformation.

  • Women interested in engaging in sound healing, voice work, and body movement medicine for finding inner harmony and authenticity.

  • Those longing to foster lifelong connections with like-minded, growth-oriented women in a supportive sisterhood.

  • Women ready to leave the retreat feeling empowered, self-aware, and equipped to navigate life with grace and fierce femininity.



Minimum number of participants: 7 people

Maximum number of participants: 15 people




 Arrival, Accommodation, and Welcoming the Energy of La Gomera

  • As you arrive on the enchanting island of La Gomera,

  • Check-in to your comfortable and cozy accommodation, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the serene atmosphere of the island.

  • Take some time to settle in and relax, allowing the natural energy of La Gomera to embrace you.



  • Workshop from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM: Embrace a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with guided activities focused on feminine archetypes, ancestral patterns, and elemental energies.

  • Free Time: From 2:00 PM onwards, enjoy the magical island of La Gomera, explore its beauty, connect with nature, and relish moments of relaxation and reflection.

 The Maiden Archetype - Embracing the Elemental Energy of Air: 🍃

The Maiden, embodying the element of air, is a breath of fresh air herself. Like a gentle breeze, she carries an aura of lightness, curiosity, and flexibility wherever she goes. Just as air moves freely, the Maiden gracefully navigates through life, unafraid of change and embracing new experiences with an open heart.

Much like the wind that can lift and carry things, the Maiden's assertiveness and confidence allow her to attract opportunities and people into her life effortlessly. She speaks her truth calmly yet firmly, without hesitation, and is not afraid to ask for what she wants. This air-like quality enables her to connect with others easily and engage in social interactions with ease and charm.

The Maiden's connection to the element of air grants her the gift of mental clarity and sharp intellect. She is an avid learner, always seeking to expand her knowledge and grow. Her mind is like the open sky, ready to explore new territories and consider diverse perspectives.

Just as the wind carries whispers and messages, the Maiden is attuned to the subtle signs and guidance from the Universe. She follows her intuition, knowing that it will lead her to the right path. This innate sense of connection with the divine flow allows her to move through life with grace, guided by a higher purpose.

In times of challenge or uncertainty, the Maiden draws strength from the air element's flexibility and adaptability. Like the wind that can change direction effortlessly, she too embraces change and faces life's twists and turns with resilience and optimism.

As the Maiden embraces the air element within her, she dances through life like a carefree zephyr, leaving a trail of inspiration, empowerment, and a touch of magic wherever she goes.


Embracing the Inner Maiden (Element of Air) - Benefits:🍃

  • Assertive Empowerment: Develop the ability to ask for what you want with calm determination, embracing your inner power and confidence.

  • Social Grace: Become more socially engaged, making plans, and connecting with inspiring people, enhancing positive vibrations in your life.

  • Community Involvement: Engage in local or online groups, hobbies, or charity work to expand connections and foster a sense of belonging.

  • Mental Clarity: Cultivate clear thinking and a sharp intellect, benefiting from the Maiden's air element qualities.

  • Inspired Movement: Infuse magic and inspiration into your experiences, unlocking a sense of purpose and creative expression.

  • Liberation and Authenticity: Express yourself authentically, free from societal expectations, and embrace your unique identity.

  • Positive Energy Flow: Attract opportunities and like-minded individuals to your path, enhancing your journey of personal growth.

  • Lightness of Being: Approach life with curiosity and openness, experiencing a lightness of spirit that encourages exploration and growth.🍃

DAY 3 

  • Workshop (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM) then time free.


The Mother Archetype - Embracing the Elemental Energy of Water:🌊

The Mother archetype and the element of water are intimately intertwined, both embodying the essence of nurturing, fluidity, and interconnectedness.


Like water, the Mother archetype flows gracefully through life, adapting to various situations with ease and tenderness. She is a source of nourishment, providing emotional support and care to those around her. Just as water sustains life on Earth, the Mother sustains the emotional well-being of her family and community.

Water is deeply connected to the cycles of nature, just as the Mother is deeply connected to the cycles of life. She understands the importance of embracing the changing seasons and phases of life, recognizing that each stage brings its unique gifts and challenges. Like a river flowing through different landscapes, the Mother navigates through the various stages of motherhood and womanhood with grace and resilience.

Moreover, water is a symbol of purification and healing, washing away impurities and bringing renewal. In the same way, the Mother archetype offers a healing presence, providing comfort and solace to those in need. Her nurturing energy creates a safe space for emotional healing and growth.

The Mother also embodies the interconnectedness of all beings, just as water connects every living organism on Earth. She fosters a sense of community and unity, valuing the collective well-being over individual pursuits. Like water that knows no boundaries, the Mother's love and care extend to all those she encounters.

However, just as water can be powerful and assertive in the form of ocean waves, the Mother archetype can also exhibit strength and assertiveness when needed. She knows when to protect her loved ones and stand up for what she believes in, demonstrating the fierce protectiveness of a mother lioness.

Benefits of Embracing the Mother Archetype (Element of Water):🌊

  • Inner Nourishment: Prioritize self-care and emotional well-being, nurturing yourself from within and fostering a deeper connection with your feelings.

  • Unleashing Creativity: Embrace your role as a creative force in your life and the lives of others, allowing your creativity to flow freely and authentically.

  • Sense of Belonging: Cultivate a supportive and compassionate environment by integrating into a community, nourishing a sense of belonging and mutual support.

  • Rituals and Traditions: Bring a sense of ritual and sacredness into your life by celebrating traditions and ceremonies that connect you to the Earth's wisdom.

  • Empowerment and Compassion: Empower yourself and others with compassion and love, recognizing the strength and nurturing qualities of the Mother archetype.

  • Synchronicity and Flow: Allow yourself to flow with the synchronicities and natural cycles of life, trusting in the wisdom and guidance they offer.

  • Align with Nature's Cycles: Harmonize with the Moon's phases, connecting with Mother Earth's wisdom for personal growth and manifestation as well as menstruation circle🌊


  • Workshop (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM) then time free.


The Wild Woman (the Witch)  Archetype - Embracing the Elemental Energy of Fire:🔥

In the depths of every woman's soul, there resides the captivating essence of the Wild Woman, intimately intertwined with the elemental force of Fire. She embodies the mesmerizing dance of flames, flickering with an intense and transformative energy that ignites the embers of change within us.

Fire, like the Wild Woman, is a symbol of purification and transmutation. It has the power to burn away the old, to incinerate the limiting beliefs and fears that shackle us, and to herald the emergence of something new and vibrant. When we embrace the Wild Woman archetype, we step into the sacred fire of our own truth, unafraid to confront our shadows and ignite the dormant embers of our desires.

Just as fire purifies and releases energy, the Wild Woman archetype calls us to embrace all facets of ourselves, including the parts we may have repressed or hidden away. By allowing ourselves to feel and express our emotions without reservation, we experience the alchemical process of transformation within.

The Wild Woman guides us to reclaim our sexuality as a sacred and natural aspect of our existence. She reminds us that our bodies are not objects of shame but vessels of sensuality and pleasure, mirroring the intoxicating dance of flames that leave us mesmerized and enthralled.


In the embrace of the Wild Woman's sexual fire, we liberate ourselves from societal constraints and the oppressive grip of judgment. We unapologetically express our desires, recognizing the power of our sexuality to heal, to connect, and to create life in all its manifestations.

Benefits of Embracing the Wild Woman (The Witch) Archetype (Element of Fire):🔥

  • Fire of Transformation: Embrace the Wild Woman's energy to ignite the fire of transformation within, allowing for personal growth, shedding old patterns, and embracing change.

  • Purification and Rebirth: Like fire purifies and cleanses, the Wild Woman urges us to face our shadows, let go of what no longer serves us, and rise from the ashes with renewed strength and wisdom.

  • Setting Boundaries: Learn to set clear boundaries to protect your energy and well-being, nurturing a sense of self-respect and empowerment.

  • Embracing Passion and Desire: Unleash your desires and embrace your sexuality without shame or guilt, experiencing pleasure as a gateway to self-discovery and transformation.

  • Embodying Fearlessness: Confront your fears and embrace your authentic self fearlessly, tapping into your inner strength and courage.

  • Alignment with Your True Nature: Connect with nature's cycles and the Wild Woman's primal essence, finding inspiration and grounding in the rhythms of the world.

  • Embody Sensuality and Pleasure: Embrace your body as a sacred vessel of pleasure, celebrating your sensuality without inhibition or judgment.

  • Radiating Life Force: Embody the vibrant life force that flows through you, radiating vitality and energy in all aspects of your being.🔥

DAY 5 

  • Workshop (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM) then time free.


The Wise Woman (the Crone) Archetype - Embracing the Elemental Energy of Erth:🌺

The Wise Woman, a magnificent embodiment of womanhood, encompasses the essence of the other archetypes—the Maiden, the Mother, and the Wild Woman—within her being. This phase represents the full embrace of womanhood, where the wisdom of Mother Earth flows through her veins.

Like the Maiden, the Wise Woman emanates the purity and clarity of a serene forest stream, reflecting the power of intuition and self-discovery. She embraces the Maiden's assertiveness and ability to magnetize her desires, knowing that she holds the key to her own fulfillment.

In her nurturing and compassionate nature, she personifies the essence of the Mother archetype, supporting others with the warmth and tenderness of fertile earth, offering a space for growth and transformation. She values self-care and self-nurturing, recognizing that to care for others, she must first care for herself.

The Wild Woman's spirit dances within her, bestowing the gift of wildness and untamed passion. Just as a vast wilderness holds countless secrets and hidden treasures, the Wise Woman uncovers the depths of her being, delving into her own shadows, and emerging with profound insights.


As she embraces her connection to the Earth element, she becomes deeply attuned to the cycles and rhythms of nature. Like the seasons that gracefully change, she welcomes the cycles of life and death within herself. The Wise Woman acknowledges the shedding of the old to make way for the new, understanding that with every ending comes a fresh beginning.

With the Wise Woman as our guide, we discover the innate wisdom that lies within each of us, connecting us to the ancient wisdom of the Earth. She urges us to slow down, to listen to the whispers of our souls, and to trust in the divine flow of life's continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In her embrace, we find solace and strength, remembering that we are a reflection of the Earth's enduring wisdom and infinite grace.

Benefits of Embracing the Wise Woman (The Crone) Archetype (Element of Earth):🌺

  • Embrace Womanhood: Integrate the aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Wild Woman, embodying a profound embrace of womanhood and inner wisdom.

  • Inner Transformation: Slow down, reflect, and renew, allowing profound changes and growth to occur within.

  • Strengthen Intuition: Tap into inner guidance and personal guides, deepening your connection to wisdom and insight.

  • Grace and Wisdom: Embody the Earth's strength and resilience, gracefully navigating life's changes with wisdom.

  • Celebrating Experience: Embrace the wisdom that comes with experience, becoming a wise elder and mentor.

  • Self-Love and Acceptance: Practice self-love, cherishing the beauty of life's cycles, including the wisdom that accompanies aging.

  • Sustainable Living: Embody the values of sustainable living, making conscious choices to protect and preserve the Earth's resources.

  • Feeling Grounded and Centered: Develop a strong sense of grounding and centeredness, feeling anchored in your connection to the Earth.🌺


DAY 6 

 Free Day and Island Exploration

  • Participants organize into smaller groups based on interests.

  • Options include hiking, beach day, visiting local villages, nature reserves, or adventure activities.

  • Closing the circle ceremony on the beach

  • Evening gathering to share experiences and optional group dinner celebration.




Departure from La Gomera

  • Participants check out of the retreat accommodation.

  • Group transfer to the port for the ferry journey back to Tenerife.

  • Arrive at Tenerife Airport for departure flights and bid farewell to the retreat group.​




09/04/2024 - 16/04/2024

7 days on the island and 4 days of workshop 


Accommodation: "Laurisilva" Apartments Hotel in Valle Gran Rey

  • A spacious apartment in a beautiful setting, offering a comfortable stay during the retreat.

  • The apartment can accommodate up to 3 people, with two in the bedroom and one on an extra comfortable reclining sofa bed in the living room.

  • Amenities include a private bathroom, daily room service, and a kitchen annex for convenience.

  • Guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool area, perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

  • The location is ideal, with easy access to local shops and just a 5-minute walk from the stunning long beach in Valle Gran Rey.



Local yoga studio 5 minus from the accommodation

WORKSHOP PRICE : EARLY BIRD - 595 euro. (150 euro deposit to secure the place)

Embrace the Inner Goddess within 

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