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Enchanted Trees PLANS

For companies and businesses 

We are living in an unusual world now. The number of people falling into depression has doubled since the world pandemic.  In these very hard times, mental health is a more important issue than ever. 


A workplace is a place where we normally spend 40 hours a week, it is not just a space, it is an environment for your company community. Yes, your employees are a community. You might not see it that way but studies are showing more and more connection between a happy work environment and productivity.  


At Enchanted Forest we design programs for companies like yours, in which often employees are forced to work from home or they work under a huge amount of stress. Your workers will not just benefit from daily routines of exercise, and meditation practice, where they can relax and unwind, but also signing up to our programs will maintain the sense of belonging and connections outside zoom work meetings in a friendly environment. That sense of connection is fundamental to keeping your great hard-working employees in a high spirit. 


If you are a small business please contact us and we will make an individual plan just for you. 

If you are a bigger company the best value for your money would be to choose one of our "Enchanted Trees PLANS"