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Mindfulness with AnnMarie: WOW! Are you ready? Will you consider taking one hour/week for yourself? An hour of relaxation, an hour of breathing in beautiful experiences transporting you in fun ways and enjoyment... what do you get out of it? Well so much!! Clarity with conscious decision making, growing confidence, and self-esteem, the building will and determination, resourcefulness staying focus on all that most important to YOU, finding out who you truly are... because YOU matter, YOU deserve to feel calmer dealing with stressful challenges and lifestyles, YOU deserve hope, happiness, magic and dreams with its limitless potential of joy... too good to be true? Have I got carried away? Well invest one hour of your time a week is a priceless investment for life. Learning to breathe free, break blockages, and visualize a better life is an amazing enriching fun choice I can't get enough of. I have known AnnMarie for a few years and mindfulness helped me out of depression and tricky sticky difficulties and challenges in all aspects of my life. We all are pushed to our limits with this virus and its impact on our health wellbeing and lifestyles. Now is the time to catch a chance to spread and awaken feelings mindfulness creates. It is such valuable time for me to recenter, ground myself, immerse myself with positive vibes and energy in connection with mother earth and the universe to find my true self, my source, my peace, and joy. Those feelings are contagious cultivate them and pass them on! Mindfulness awakens " my little light of mine" and " I'm gone let it shine". I could never be so grateful enough to AnnMarie thank youuuuuu thank youuuuu mindfulness

Archetypal Tarot with Sylwia

My reading with Sylwia was more like a proper healing session. I was lead into a relaxation state to connect with myself and with my issues. I got a new interesting perspective on my query and I believe I really needed these insights to have a chance of making a proper decision for myself. She gave a lot of attention to my issue, she dealt with it with accuracy and carefulness. I recommend work with Sylwia and her readings to anybody who has got some questions on important issues or needs to get directions'.


Archetypal Tarot with Sylwia was a very pleasurable and empowering experience. I got the exact answer that I was looking for and much more. It gave me an insight from a different perspective on the situation so I could see a bigger picture. I found the session to be powerful and supportive. It had a lot of aspects of intuitive life coaching. I would recommend a session with Sylwia to everyone who is willing to look at life from a different, higher perspective and takes full responsibility for everything that is going on in their lives. The session gave me valuable guidance and clarity.




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